Thank you, 2017 participants

To the participants of the AZ/CA 2017 WYT, 

I want to thank you for your support and adherence to the rules for the trip. Doing so, makes my job easier. We had lots of smiles and laughs on the trip. We filled our days with memories. 

We succeeded in my first goal for the trip--having everyone return in one piece. In addition to having a good time, this goal is the most important for me and your parents.

Another goal was for you to learn something about our country, the D.C. area, our government and more importantly about yourself. Hopefully you did.
We saw a lot, we experienced a lot. We experienced one of the “hottest” tours I have been on. In fact, I can’t think of any tour which was hotter. We got front row seats in the reviewing stands for the Sunset Parade, another first. 

Let me close by wishing the students a great senior year and I hope your future is everything you wish it to be. Keep in touch with the site so you can keep up with your new friends.Thanks for the laughs and memories.