Tour Coordinator

Since 2000, Jim Donahue has been the tour coordinator for the Arizona group.

An Army brat with family ties to the D.C. area, Jim took his first tour of Washington in 1964. His travels to D.C. have included business trips and family vacations. His grandfather, great grandfather, great, great grandfather and mother are buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

He is employed by the Grand Canyon State Electric Cooperative Association as director of communications and member services.

Jim's daughter Megan was the inspiration for the parent-student orientations every participant must attend before the trip. "When I started to do the tour coordinator duties, I thought there was no way I would have sent my daughter to D.C. for a week without meeting the person in charge. I would have wanted to ask questions and be able to follow-up with other questions," he says. He and his wife, Marshann, live in Chandler with their black lab Sweet Pea.

He can be reached by calling the following phones or emailing him at work:

Work - 602 286 6925

Cell - 602 796 5753

jdonahue AT gcseca dot coop - (There are no spaces between the sections; the spaces have been inserted to keep the address from being gobbled up by web crawlers which lead to nasty spammy type mail. To keep your email from being misplaced, please put "AZWYT2017" followed by a short description in the subject line.)

Jim likes to hunt elk and whitetail deer.