What I Remember

We asked past tour participants some important questions.


What stands out in your mind most about the Youth Tour?

  • How much I learned and the friends I have made.
  • Being able to see and learn so much about the history of our nation.
  • The awesome people that went and the great friends I made. I also loved the feeling that great city had. I loved the architecture and the historical significance of it all.
  • All the incredible sights we had the opportunity to see.
  • Great people that I met on the trip and the places we went.
  • Everything we saw and learned about. The feelings felt at the memorials and the archives. Also the amazing people I got to associate with.
  • Everything about the youth tour stands out to me. It was amazing. It exceeded my expectations.
  • I really enjoyed how quick paced the trip was we were always going and doing something! I even just ran into one of the kids on the trip since we got home!
  •  The youth tour provides teens a chance to not only earn an amazing trip, but also learn a lot about their respective cooperatives, the government, themselves, and other teens cultures from around the country.

And, how will your Youth Tour experience help you in the future?

  • This youth tour has helped me learn more about our country. In the future I will know more about how our government works and I will stay more active in it.
  • The youth tour will forever help me in my future. To be totally honest I know very little about the wars and the monuments made me grow an appreciation as well as knowledge of our armed forces!
  • My sense of patriotism sky-rocketed. I now have a greater desire to serve my country whether it is voting each election or serving in the military.
  • I feel as though I am a less shy person around new people and it will look good on my resume. Also, I feel like I understand more about how the government works.
  • I now have a better understanding of what it takes to be a congressman/woman. I understand how our country works more than I did before and I know more about our nation’s history than I did in the past.
  • Knowing that there is so much to be done and I can help. Seeing our capitol and remembering what a great nation I live in.
  • It helped me realize that stepping out to be a leader is a difficult task but one that is vital to the success of our country.

Capitol Rotunda Ceiling